Quick Start Guide
Midjourney is a new research lab focused on new mediums and tools for empowering people. There are two ways to experience the tools: the Discord server, where you will generate images, and the web app at https://www.midjourney.com/, where you can find a gallery of your own work and other users' creations.

Code of Conduct

  • Don't be a jerk.
  • Don't use our tools to make images that could inflame, upset, or cause drama. That includes gore and adult content.
  • Be respectful to other people and the team.
Make sure you are familiar with the Full Content Guidelines.
You can also find more detail within the Midjourney Discord server in the #rules, #faq, #announcements, and #status channels.

Create your First Image

Once you have joined the Discord server you will be able to create a limited number of (about 25) images before needing to subscribe.

1. Select one of the #Newbies channels from the sidebar

Select a Newbies Channel

2. Use the /imagine Command

To use the Midjourney Bot, use a Discord Slash Command in a Bot channel, like #newbies-1, and type/imagine. Immediately after typing /imagine press spacebar, tab, or enter to create the prompt field. Bot slash commands will only work in Bot Channels. Typing /imagine will not work in general channels like #Support.
Imagine Slash Command

3. Wait as the MidJourney Bot Processes Your Request

Requests take a minute to generate four options based on your prompt.

4. Upscale Your Image

Two rows of buttons will appear: The top row of buttons: U1 U2 U3 and U4 are buttons for upscaling your chosen image. Upscaling an image generates a larger roughly 1024x1024 pixel version of the selected image while adding additional details.
Midjourney Buttons
After you use a "U" button to upscale, you will have a few more options:
'Make Variations' does the same as the "V" buttons, generating new alternatives in a grid, and the other buttons upscale even larger, or upscale again without as much detail added.

5. Save Your Image

You can click on the image to open it to full size, and then right-click and choose 'Save image' to save it to your local computer.
Your upscaled image (and 2x2 grid images) will immediately be visible on your website gallery at midjourney.com/app.

6. Send Results to Your DMs (Direct Messages)

You can also react with the βœ‰οΈ emoji to direct message your upscaled image (or 2x2 grid images) to yourself using the MidJourney Bot.

7. Start a Thread If You Want Less Noise Around.

If you want a quieter place to work you can start your own thread in any of the bot channels. Note, they are still public and subject to content moderation guidelines. (You can also use the bot in a DM mode if you are a subscriber, which will still generate public images (subject to content rules) but will not be in a loud channel.)
create thread

8. Have Questions?

If you have other questions you can find many answers in the #announcements, #status, #rules, #faq channels. If you still need help post your question in the #support channel.
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