Content and Moderation

Midjourney is intended to be a open-by-default community, via both Discord and the member gallery. Our rules state content must be PG-13, and specifically, the #rules channel states,
Do not create images or use text prompts that are inherently disrespectful, aggressive, or otherwise abusive. Violence or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
No adult content or gore. Please avoid making visually shocking or disturbing content. We will block some text inputs automatically.
These rules are actively enforced for all content, which is all content you produce including in /private mode. See below for more.

What's Gore?

Gore includes images of detached body parts of humans or animals, cannibalism, blood, violence (images of shooting or bombing someone, for instance), deformed bodies, severed limbs, pestilence, etc.

What's Adult?

Try to avoid nudity, sexual organs, fixation on naked breasts, people in showers or on toilets, sexual imagery, fetishes, etc.

Other Offensive Content

Other things may be deemed offensive or abusive because they can be viewed as racist, homophobic, disturbing, or in some way derogatory to a community. This includes naked children and offensive images of celebrities or public figures. We're working on defining this further.

Automatically Banned Keywords

Some words or phrases are blocked automatically based on their recurrence in disturbing content creation. You won't be able to make images using them.
We're working on a better moderating system. For now banning words has proven an effective way to prevent abuses. This list is under constant review. Some words sound safe but are bringing the model into unexpected corners in a consistent way. Trying to get around banned words for generating non-PG-13 images is a breach of our guidelines, but it is fine when the intent is compliant with the guidelines; your content may be deleted from view and you may receive a warning about self-policing by using the ❌ emoji reaction, however.

What are Public Images?

Public images include all images generated in bot channels on the Discord server, in DM chanels with the bot (unless you are paying for the /private access), and in sub-threads.
We recognize there are horror fans using the site. They are nevertheless subject to the community content guidelines, if they produce images that are public. Please self-police the output.

What About Private Images?

Even if you use the service in /private mode, you are still subject to the PG-13 guidelines. Your prompts that violate the terms are still visible to moderators and team members. Private mode is most useful for artists creating work they don't want to show in public with a visible prompt, but is not a way to avoid moderation.

Police Your Stuff, Too... Delete Accidental Gore/Adult Content

Sometimes content from a simple prompt is nevertheless disturbing: It may be unexpectedly porny or bloody, for instance. We are working on reducing the frequency of such output. If you produce output that is against our content guidelines, the moderators will delete it and issue a warning or time you out. If you want to avoid warnings or shocking your fellow users, please delete it yourself using the emoji ❌ reaction. This will delete the image from all public views.
See more about how to do this in the User Manual.

Using Threads for Edgy Stuff - Still Public!

Some moderators may request people who are producing "edgy" content, especially in #newbies channels, to create or move to a thread (see How to Create a Thread). If you make a thread, that content is still posted to the gallery public feed, and the thread can still be visited by anyone in the community. It is therefore still subject to our community guidelines and any adult or gore content may be removed by moderators and you may receive warnings, if you cross the rules.
When we ask you to move to a thread, it usually means we're trying to let you experiment with the edges, but we will still enforce the guidelines if we think things have gone too far for the public feed.

Don't Hassle the Mods, Guides, or MJ Team by DM

No one wants to have long DM convos or arguments about the rules. We're mostly volunteers. Take your feedback to the feedback channels and don't send DMs to moderators unless they initiated the discussion about your content.