The Midjourney Web App

Where Is It?

If you are a subscriber, you can access it (logged in with Discord credentials) at

The Nav Bar

The navigation menu is on the left side and can be reduced to just icons if you prefer, using the arrow on the top.
Nav bar showing labels
The home button for your gallery shows your latest creations, among other things. You can filter by grids or upscales only, by channel, and change the sort order.
Yes these images are terrible, I was testing something.
If you mouse over an image, you will see the prompt:
Mouse over an image to see the prompt
Clicking on an image will show you more details and offer more commands:
Click on a gallery image for more info and options, such as the ... button shown.
Another way to filter the view is by showing things you have liked (bookmarked) with a ❤️ reaction. If you click the heart button in the top bar, you will see only work you have reacted to with a heart emoji, including work by other others.
Bookmarks are things you liked

Archive Timeline View

If you use the Archive button on the top right of your gallery, or in the nav bar on the left, you will find a timeline organization of your images. (It will not "archive" any of you work, it's just a display.)
Upper right of your gallery page or in nav bar
In this view, the right side contains a clickable timeline that will take you to the images you made on that date.
Clickable navigation calendar for your images

Deleting Your Own Images

There is currently no way to delete your images via the gallery. The best way to do it is to follow the link to the image output in Discord, and use the red ❌ reaction there to delete it.
Click on an image in your gallery, and use the ... menu to find "Open in discord"

What's the Feed?

The "feed" is the community record of public upscales, which includes DMs with the bot that are not paid /private usage. If you mouse over an image, you will see the prompt.
The Feed

Image LeaderBoards and Rating

Nominate your own images (by rating them) or rate other people's images at:
Ranking in the menu (no, I haven't done a lot)
There will be prizes for winning images and members who rate large numbers of images. (WARNING: Random button mashing on ratings will be considered 'hostile' and may get you banned (don't worry otherwise, though!)
Prizes will include $40 packs of fast-gpu hours.
We will use these ratings to improve our AI so ratings are 'serious'.

The "Map"

The map is a visualization of users of Midjourney by their prompts and similarity to other users. You can use it to search for people to follow.
the Map (don't judge, I play a telephone game on MJ)
If you click on a dot, you can get more info about their work and view their feed.
Clicking on someone's dot in the Map shows some info about their work

Following People's Work

In the feed, if you click on the ... you can follow someone
If you want to follow people's work, you can do that from the menu on their images in the feed. They will appear in your Personal Feed page.
Where you can see the work of Great Artists on MJ

Viewing Great Images!

If you want to see the top ranked images from the previous week, go to


Available under the Help section of the sidebar, the dictionary shows the output of single word prompts.
Dictionary Icon

Styles and Artists

Available in Styles, you can find examples of artist and style applications. Styles that aren't shown here will still probably work for you, though.
Styles icon on left side

Account and Subscription Settings

On the lower left corner is your user icon. Click on it to find "Manage Sub." This page (if you are logged in) is your account settings and billing options. There are some subscription FAQs at the bottom.
Lower part of nav bar
We use Stripe for credit card processing.